As E3 finally wraps up most people are looking forward to new games and hardware on the horizon, but today let’s look at the Game Boy Advance SP instead, and a new mod that makes the already pleasing console look even better.

YouTube channel The Retro Future, who we’ve been subscribed to for some time now and so should you, has found that the Chinese companies making third-party Nintendo parts have finally created see-through replacement shells for the Game Boy Advance SP.

Bought off of eBay for around £10 (available from both the UK and US versions of the store) these kits come with the new shell itself, replacement stickers, a screen lens, screws and a pair of screwdrivers, giving you everything you need to make the modification yourself.

What it doesn’t come with is a guide, which The Retro Future provides you in their video.

Despite the low price the build of the shell is relatively sturdy but the video does suggest some tips like avoiding easily damaging screwdrivers, and re-using the existing screen lens and buttons due to their higher quality.

Game Boy modification is not something we’ve gotten too deep into in the past but this video makes it look easy enough for anyone to do.

If you don’t really care about the installation process and just want to, finally, see a Game Boy Advance SP with a see-through look, skip to 12:10 in the video.

Aside from looking nice our favourite part must be the fact that you can see the full game cartridge inside of the machine, should you choose to leave the information sticker on the back of the console off. If you ever had the needed to know what game you had inside without turning the console on or pulling the cart out, well now you can see it when already inserted.