New Zealand businessman, Philip Arps, has been handed a 21 month prison sentence after sharing a video of the Christchurch mosque attack earlier this year.

According to a report by CBS News, Arps pleaded guilty to two counts of distributing the video. He is one of six people charged with sharing the footage in which a gunman killed 51 people.

The businessman reportedly sent the video to 30 people and described the content of the video as “awesome” according to Judge Stephen O’Driscoll.

“Your offending glorifies and encourages the mass murder carried out under the pretext of religious and racial hatred,” the judge said. In addition, O’Driscoll said that Arps had strong and unrepentant views about the Muslim community and had compared himself to a Nazi leader, Rudolf Hess.

While many might argue that a 21 month sentence for sharing a video is harsh, New Zealand’s laws make it illegal for folks to share or possess material depicting extreme violence and terrorism.

Arps has appealed the ruling.