The locally made animated show Moosebox – which is heavily inspired by videogames and is overall a pleasure to watch – has finally made its way online.

Before now the show aired on Nicktoons (DStv channel 308) starting in September of 2018. We’ve been waiting for other avenues to watch the show for some time now, with the first two episodes finally available for everyone on Facebook (embedded below).

Strangely enough the videos are hosted by the official Nickelodeon Asia Facebook page. We’re not sure how or why exactly a South African show, picked up by American company Nickelodeon, is now hosted on a page dedicated to Asia, but we’re not complaining.

Both videos are thankfully in HD and are not cut down compared to what was aired on TV.

As the episodes for this show are very short (both around two minutes including intro and credits) we won’t talk too much about what happens, but you can see that videogame influence here as the title Monument Valley is clearly used as inspiration in the first story.

A big thanks to the @DailyNickNews fan Twitter account for finding this, which was then picked up by series creator Mike Scott who was equally surprised to see it happen.

If you liked what you saw here and want to watch more before the other episodes are uploaded, make sure to check out the pilot of the show which had a different art style that was done with pixel art.

We also suggest Scott’s personal YouTube channel which has graced us with a baby shark remix and a twerking Mario.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

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