Despite most modern TVs now supporting apps or ecosystems for streaming services like Netflix, not all TVs are made equal. No one apparently knows this better than Netflix itself, with the company recently listing which are the best 2019 TVs to enjoy the streaming service.

We’re not only talking about image quality here, but also factors such as the user interface, navigation and prompt updates.

Looking at what has been released in 2019 to date, it looks like the streaming service is recommending TVs from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic in particular. With the latter two hard to find locally, it looks like South Africans wanting to get their hands on the best TV for Netflix will need to go in search for something from Samsung.

As for the specific models that Netflix endorses, the following have been listed:

Q60R, Q70R, Q80R, Q90R, Q900R, RU800, The Serif and The Frame

Bravia X85G, X90G, A9G

Viera GX700, GX800, GX900

So what made those particular models stand out? Netflix explains that they scored highest in a number of specific criteria, such as ability to load the platform, how quickly it moved around the menu and between other apps, as well as how quickly/frequently updates take to download and install.

As such it looks like Netflix’s criteria focus more on the components inside of the TV than the panel itself. If the company was willing to list the best 2019 TVs by that specific category, it could make for far more interesting reading.