YouTube content creator Jack Douglas – better known as jacksfilms – has been on the platform for many years now with consistently funny sketch videos and ongoing series like YIAY. Now it seems like the general public aren’t the only fans of the channel as Epic Games seems to have “borrowed” a move from Douglas to make a new emote.

Two years ago when dabbing was much more popular, and a popular gag to make fun of, Douglas published a video called “my lowest, deepest dab” which is exactly what it sounds like. It also acts as a companion to another video, “My slowest, longest dab“.

Enter Fortnite which just introduced a new emote called… Deep Dab. If the name didn’t tip you off Douglas just released a video showing them side by side and, man, it’s hard to think of any world where Epic Games wasn’t at least inspired by the work of jacksfilms.

Douglas goes on to state that he was not contacted by Epic Games and did not receive any kind of compensation or acknowledgement for this addition to Fortnite.

If this sounds all too familiar it’s because this game has history of “borrowing” famous moves from other media and implementing in it without any permission or authorisation from the person or entity responsible for it.

Famously Alfonso Ribeiro was looking to sue over the use of the “Carlton dance” which he made famous on the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Artist 2 Milly and Scrubs actor Donald Faison also aired their grievances about similar situations, though we’re not sure if they’ve taken any legal actions as yet.

Douglas, on the other hand, has taken a more laid back approach. Instead of phoning up the lawyers or calling for a boycott, he simply made a creator code in the hopes of indirectly benefiting from the situation.

While this is can be a seen as a humour predicament given the nature of it all, it’s rather worrisome that Epic Games has such a history of “borrowing” from other people like this without the proper legal work in place.

Speaking of: Notice how we’ve been using the word borrow in this story with a lot of quotation marks. We’re not going to claim anyone stole from anyone else, so give the jacksfilms video a watch below and decide for yourself.