While it’s only Thursday the weekend gaming deals are already rolling in with one tempting offer being Insurgency: Sandstorm which can be played for free on Steam until Monday.

This title, and its predecessor simply called Insurgency, has received almost universal praise for its FPS multiplayer gameplay which strikes a satisfying balance between being a simulation shooter and something more bombastic.

While it may not look like a unique beast on the outside given its very generic art style, we’ve been told time and again by its fans that there’s really something special here if you give it a try.

Thankfully, we can now do so for free. Starting today from 10PM local time, the game can be be downloaded and played with no purchase required. You can play as much as you want until this free weekend ends on Monday (24th June), also at 10 PM local time.

If you’re wondering why a game launched in December of 2018 is getting a free weekend now, it seems to be in conjunction with a host of new, free content that has been added to the title in connection with a content roadmap that was revealed a few days ago.

Looking over those changes as newcomers and it looks like developer New World Interactive is in for the long haul with new maps, weapons, a level editor, mod support and more. That being said we won’t really know until we get into the game, which we intend to do as soon as the flood gates open.

If Insurgency: Sandstorm impresses you over the free weekend it can be bought locally for R369.95 at Steam’s regional pricing for our country, or $30 in the US.

Finally there’s a quick trailer to act as a primer to the game and announce the free weekend. Strangely enough it was back on Tuesday, closer to the previous weekend, which is a weird move.