If you’re the type o person who follows game development through GIFs and short videos on Twitter, you may have come across the title Hardcore Mecha in recent years. After watching it for some time, the game is finally out in a few days, and has a new trailer to get the hype train rolling.

Hardcore Mecha, as you may have guessed from the name, features mechs as a large part of the gameplay. The game is a platformer with an emphasis on combat with what looks to be a wide range of weapons and robots to take on throughout the various levels.

And, if the new trailer is to be believed, quite an emphasis on story.

Despite the fact that this is an indie title being published by its developer RocketPunch games, there’s voice acting and beautifully animated cutscenes too. There is a jarring disconnect between the chibi look of the game (which is very reminiscent of SD Gundam) and the more realistic art which is presented for certain things like the character portraits during conversations.

Regardless, the story – which will apparently play out over eight chapters and 18 levels – looks interesting and is very anime if you read the official overview. There’s a Mars colony, wormhole travel, mech mercenaries and more.

Hardcore Mecha will release come 26th June on both PC and PlayStation 4. While the Steam page is up for you to wishlist the game, it only seems to be visible for console on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

If you’re interested in the title on console, in a country that isn’t Japan, we suggest checking back closer to the the release date.

We, along with many other people, have been waiting years for this game to come out after a successful Kickstarter back in 2016, so we’re hoping it can deliver on the promising features it has been touting all this time.