Netflix hosted a hack day back in May, more specifically a Studio Hack Day where employees were encouraged to team up and create some bizarre new, erm, products.

Hack Days at Netflix give the firm and its employees the chance to explore new ideas and experiment with emerging technologies.

“The most important value of hack days is that they support a culture of innovation. We believe in this work, even if it never ships, and love to share the creativity and thought put into these ideas,” Netflix wrote in a blog post.

Our favourite hack from the day is The Voice of Netflix. Using a neural net to spot words in content on Netflix, The Voice of Netflix is able to turn a written sentence into audio using the content on hand.

You can see The Voice of Netflix in the video below.

Moving on, Project Rumble Pak is a project that adds haptic feedback while you are watching a show or movie on your smartphone.

This is a feature we actually wouldn’t mind seeing (with the option to turn it off of course) come to light. Having recently watched Vikings we wouldn’t mind feeling the phone vibrate as swords and hatchets clashed.

TerraVision is a hack that might actually be of use to filmmakers and location scouts.

The application allows you to upload an image of a location’s look that you like and using a computer vision model TerraVision will recommend locations that closely match that look.

The final hack from the Netflix Studio Hack Day is a strange one and appears to be purely for Netflix employees.

Get Out! lets employees queue up Oscar-style walk-off music when other employees are hogging a meeting room that has been booked.