It looks like flying taxis could be a fixture in the skies in coming years, with the likes of Uber already working to make them a reality. One of the events we could see them operate is the 2024 Paris Olympics, with Airbus planning to offer flying taxis to those attending the sporting showcase in five years’ time.

The aeronautics firm, along with the Paris Transport Authority and Aeroports de Paris are looking at potentially using autonomous flying taxis to ferry athletes, organisers and visitors to the French capital between Charles de Gaulle and the city centre.

It currently takes upward of an hour to make that journey via train, bus or car, and during a bust event like the Olympics, having flying taxis as a solution could prove a vital time saver.

That said, the journey has not been made by any prototype flying taxis just yet, so it remains to be seen how long it would take. Regardless Airbus says they could have a fleet large enough to run a flying taxi journey every six minutes.

In order for this project to come to fruition, the ball needs to start rolling soon, despite the Olympics still being five years away. To that end Aeroports de Paris needs to select a zone to set up a flying taxi hub by the end of this year, with it needing to be built within the following 18 months.

Most importantly though Airbus needs to ramp up its flying taxi plans, having to test out their aircraft, as well as ensuring that they are safe and can be operated autonomously. There’s also the issue of what all the increased air traffic would mean for the city.

As such there are quite a few balls in the air at the moment if the 2024 Paris Olympics are to employ flying taxis.

[Image – Vahana]