Leica recently debuted a new camera, and before you ask – yes it looks great. Yes we want one. And yes it’s expensive. This latest offering is called the M-E (TYP 240) and is an “entry-level” device in the company’s M-Series.

While being one of the lesser-specced (relatively speaking) cameras that Leica makes, this new device is still fairly expensive starting at a recommended $3 995 (~R57 306). Still it is one of the more “affordable” models that Leica makes.

If you have any spare organs worth selling, and are keen on the M-E (TYP 240), this is what it’s packing.

It sports a compact rangefinder-esque design, but still retains a full frame 24 megapixel CMOS sensor at its core. That sensor can manage ISO levels of only 6 400, which means that the low light photography on offer is not going to blow people away.

As such this should not be viewed as an everyday shooter for photography enthusiasts, but rather a handy ancillary camera for quick point and shoot opportunities. This as Leica has given it 2GB worth of buffer memory to facilitate speedy operations.

Oh, if you’re wanting to do 4K recording you’re out of luck as the M-E (TYP 240) can only muster 1080p.

All in all then this is perhaps not a worthwhile investment, but man is it pretty. If you’re interested the M-E (TYP 240) will be available in select regions come the end of July.