Hollow Knight: Silksong – the sequel to the almost universally beloved Metroidvania – is still in development by Team Cherry which recently returned from E3 and have provided an update on the game.

As a game series focused on discovery, you may want to turn back now if you like going into these games completely blind.

If you’re okay with learning some surface mechanics and other such things, the details revealed are:

  • An area called Greymoor is one of the biggest between the two games and is a rather haunted place.
  • Hornet has Silk where the Knight had Focus, the difference being that it can be used faster, even while midair, but it can be wasted if hit by an enemy.
  • When Hornet dies she drops a Cocoon full of Silk which can be opened at a strategic moment to turn the tide of a fight.
  • Hornet is not a silent protagonist and has a voice.
  • Several other characters will be voiced by “friends from the Hollow Knight community”.
  • The boss fight in the demo is against Lace, a character voiced by Mitsuki Hashimoto who is a fan artist from said community.
  • The NPC Shakra will aid Hornet in mapping out the world. We assume this character will work much the same way Cornifer did.
  • No release date or period has been provided.

We find it a bit odd that so much ado is made around the characters being voiced when the language in the games is made up and is mostly gibberish (as opposed to a fictional language that can be translated, like Klingon). That being said it is really cool that members of the community are being involved here and are permanently enshrined in a series they love.

At E3 Nintendo Treehouse did a playthrough of the demo that was available to the public. The sub-20 minute video can be found down below for those who don’t seeing some of the game before playing it themselves: