Over the past decade, rumours of an Apple designed car (which we’ll call iCar from here on out) routinely surface. Lately such murmurings have died down, but a recent acquisition by the Cupertino-based firm could ignite talk of Project Titan again.

For those unfamiliar, Project Titan was the designation given to Apple’s internal development of self-driving or autonomous electric vehicle, but the project itself has pivoted direction several times since then.

Now Apple has acquired self-driving company Drive.ai, which had to be consolidated due to low funds and an increasingly competitive market. Axios also reports that papers were filed for the acquisition before Drive.ai shutdown, with Apple taking on approximately 90 of their employees, including several designers and engineers.

At this stage Apple has not noted its intention with the acquisition, but considering Drive.ai had its own self-driving cars on the roads of San Francisco, now developing similar options for Apple makes a lot of sense.

As such Project Titan may be up and running again, as the necessary components and talent to get a self-driving car on the roads is now a part of Apple. Whether they intend of pursuing such an expensive route remains to be seen.