Do you specifically like Bluetooth speakers, Huawei and licence renewal? What a coincidence as this africast focuses on exactly those things.

While yet another Bluetooth speaker may not sound exciting, the giant LG XBOOM Go offers a lot more than the cheap, tiny speakers kids carry around to annoy people with. As you may be able to tell from the header image, this larger system carries a lot of tech in its frame and a hefty R3 999 price tag.

Next up is Huawei which is in a bit of a rough spot of late with the possibility of their devices losing access to the Android operating system. We got to sit down with some representatives from Huawei South Africa to get the facts about the situation.

Finally the least fun segment: renewing your driver’s licence in South Africa. This process used to involve standing in line for hours and hoping you brought along the right documents to sort everything out. That has been changed significantly and we’ve provided a full tutorial to take you through the process.

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