After much speculation Overwatch joined the likes of Star Wars and Harry Potter to become an official theme which LEGO would produce sets for. Now, after launching in 2018, the theme has two new sets which introduce three new heroes.

Junkrat and Roadhog share a set appropriately named 75977: Junkrat & Roadhog. It is reported that this set will contain 380 pieces and is priced at £45 (~R811) in the United Kingdom where it was revealed by Amazon UK.

In this set Junkrat is a regular LEGO minifigure with the exception of his prosthetic limb which is a peg leg piece the company has made for its pirates for some time now. Roadhog, on the other hand, is what the community to refers to as a “bigfig” which is a loose template used for other characters such as the MCU Hulk and another character from the Overwatch line, Winston.

These two come with an odd motorcycle built around Roadhog which also has a sidecar for Junkrat. This can be mounted on top of a Junkertown sign and there are also other smaller builds such as Junkrat’s steel trap.

75976: Wrecking Ball is the other new set and is the smaller of the two at 227 pieces for £18.

This set is a bit simpler, giving you just Hammond himself and his Wrecking Ball mech. And yes, before you ask, the mech can switch between walking mode and and a cute little ball without having to breakdown and assemble the entire set again.

Hammond himself is a single, new LEGO piece and is not made up of smaller parts that would need to be built.

As you can see from the pictures on this page, these are some amazingly detailed toys that manage to do exactly what was intended with the theme: convince those interested in Overwatch to give LEGO a try, and convince LEGO fans to give the game a go.

It’s worth noting that these new additions are both minifig scale, which means that they are loosely made to look coherent in size when displayed together. The one exception is 75974: Bastion which is a much larger build that is not intended to be minifig scale.

Both of these sets are slated for an October release overseas and, given LEGO’s rather great track record of such things in South Africa, we should get them at the same time, if not shortly after.

If you can’t wait until then, the rest of the Overwatch LEGO line is on sale right now. The official LEGO Store as well as Toy Kingdom are your best bets to pick them up.

[Via – BrickSet]