WhatsApp is reportedly testing a feature that would allow users to share their Status with other social media platforms.

WhatsApp Status is the app’s version of Stories on Instagram or Facebook and the feature would likely make it easier to share content across various platforms.

The feature is currently available to users in the WhatsApp Beta program according to The Verge.

Of course, users might be concerned that WhatsApp is now sharing user data with the likes of Facebook, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Instead, WhatsApp will make use of Android and iOS data-sharing APIs which allows for data to be transferred between apps on a user’s device.

That means your data won’t be accessed by Facebook, or any another service. Users also won’t have their status suddenly appear on Facebook as the choice to share the Status will require a user actively select the option during the posting process.

The good news then is that it doesn’t seem like WhatsApp and Facebook are sharing data en-masse at this stage, but of course that could change.

There is no word on when this feature will roll out to all WhatsApp users but we’re sure it won’t be long before you can share your WhatsApp Status to other social media platforms.