APPSolve has recently launched its internal management app – APPTime.

This new offering is aimed at eradicating challenges in businesses, according to the developer, such as revenue leakage, project management inconsistencies, missing timesheets, outstanding quotes, incorrect invoicing, missing expenses, lack of control and dissatisfied customers.

It’s also a solution that APPSolve has been developing for quite some time, with the firm noting that it began with the inception of the business almost 17 years ago.

APPTime is available on a subscription basis, with the company adding that it has been designed this way in the hope of sharing lessons and innovative solutions at an affordable price for small businesses.

“Although it is important to have effective systems in place, they can prove to be costly in a small business where every cent counts,” explains Maureen Grosvenor, head of custom applications at APPSolve.

“We have learnt some tough lessons over the years and have spent time and money on innovative solutions. We are hoping we can elevate some of the cost pressures by providing a cost-effective scalable business management system for SMEs that can easily grow as your business does. In addition to this, we also offer an efficient team of data capturers and help desk support staff that can help you and your team with all your administrative tasks. So it’s a full end-to-end business management service,” she adds.

APPTime is not short on features and services, with almost 25 on the roster at the moment.

Currently APPTime can do all of the following:

  • Cloud Based, built to include field service environment & low bandwidth
  • Mobile and Desktop APP versions for Android and iPhone
  • Manage suppliers, customers, employees, contractors and applicants including cost to company and payroll
  • Manage internal and external resource CV’s and skills matrix
  • Manage leads and opportunities
  • Manage customer and supplier contracts & multiple projects and resource allocation
  • Manage billing types and schedules for example fixed, time and materials, variables, milestone based
  • The ability to capture time per project with multiple entries per day
  • The ability to capture employee and project expenses
  • The ability to on-bill expenses to customer and integrate It with the invoicing
  • Option to generate invoices per customer and project
  • The ability to book and approve employee and contractor leave applications
  • Message board with configurable messages
  • Document upload and attachment feature (employee, contracts and expense documents)
  • Notification email when time sheets are overdue
  • Distance travelled logged per day
  • SARS log book extract
  • Export data to Excel
  • Reporting per resource, project or team
  • Visual representation of time captured and days not captured
  • Generate PDF reports
  • Integration to financial systems
  • Integration to project management tools
  • Integration to Telegram and Email for notifications and approvals
  • Company and project profit and loss.

Should you be interested in APPTime and want more information, contact APPSolve here.

[Image – Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash]