We’re going to hit you with a few concepts for a game and you tell us if it sounds interesting, okay? A JRPG-inspired turn-based title with small rodents as the playable characters. One character is a mouse named Verm you uses a pocket knife like a Buster Sword. Siobhan is another character, a pyromancer who wields a small lighter as her source of power. You can fight a smug cat.

If that sounds interesting to you, well it’s the premise of the game Small Saga which is currently on Kickstarter.

Those who want to be swayed further if that description and the trailer (embedded below), can find a free demo on itch.io. The demo is around 20 minutes long, and is controlled simply with the arrow keys, Z for interact and X for cancel and to open the menu.

The art, setting and music is all absolutely superb here, but we do have some worries about the combat being a bit too shallow and the control scheme not working that well for the isometric over world.

We hope the combat issue is just because the demo seems to be from right at the beginning of the game. For the over world movement by mouse clicks or controller support would fix things up.

We highly suggest giving this a play as it’s a rather stunning piece of work that will leave an impression on you in just 20 minutes.

We, like many others, are also a bit more hyped for a project like this after the cancellation of the movie Mouse Guard, which looks to share a lot in common with Small Saga.

The cheapest way to back this game and still get a reward is £10 for a PC or Mac copy. This can be provided as a Steam key or a DRM-free download.

£18 buys you digital copies of the soundtrack and a lore book. £40 gets your name in the credits, access to a special Discord server (and the title of “Blademaster”) on it. That Discord channel will also release details about the game early. This tier also contains the other previously-mentioned items.

Other more expensive tiers were open which allowed backers to design certain parts of the game, but they were limited and have all been taken.

At the time of writing the game is about $1K below its rather modest $41 819 goal. We’re very confident that it will be successfully funded before time runs out in six days. As always, however, we caution people not to spend anything on any crowdfunded endeavour that they don’t mind losing completely, should nothing come of the endeavour.

While there was a small amount of buzz around this title when the Kickstarter campaign went live, it’s been given a second wind thanks to game developer Megan Fox. You may know her name, aside from being the same as the actress, as the person behind SkateBIRD. That game is also being Kickstarted and attracted a lot of attention for its adorable premise.

Fox tweeted about her love for Small Saga in a lengthy thread and, at one point, even states “Heck with that SkateBIRD nonsense”. One indie developer suggesting that you should back another game, maybe at the cost of less money for their own title, is just one of those nice little internet moments we don’t see as often anymore.

Fox’s tweets around Small Saga have been getting a lot of attention and are appearing into other people’s timelines, which exactly how we found out about this game.