Spotify identifies five traits that define Gen-Z as the streaming generation

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Recently Spotify in partnership with research agency Culture Co-Op, commissioned a new study called the Culture Next Trend report.

The report was done to better understand what is on the horizon in terms of technology, fashion, music, sports and overall culture through the lens of the generations driving it – Gen-Z and Millennials.

Spotify and Culture Co-Op identified these generations as the Streaming Generation, and with the former one of the largest streaming platforms on the planet, wanted to identify the streaming-related trends that inspire this generation.

According to Spotify the research was conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the Philippines and Brazil, and has identified five traits that Gen-Z generation poses.

Expressing and addressing feelings

The report states that those in Gen-Z are in touch with their feelings, and they understand the importance of expressing and addressing them, often through music and specifically via their ‘bag playlist’ of sad songs.

“Not only is listening to these playlists up 45 percent year over year, but 49 percent of participants in the study said they find camaraderie in sharing their feelings of sadness and loneliness,” explains the report.

Connecting with different cultures

Spotify notes that Gen-Z believes that music allows people to connect with one another and with different cultures. This generation listens to a variety of music including international, more than any other demographic. Half the participants in the study said they are friends with someone from another country online.

“The Gen Z is fuelling the K-Pop craze, which has become one of the 10 most streamed genres worldwide, and has forged international bonds among listeners because of its upbeat, heartstring style and lyrical blend of Korean and English,” adds Spotify.

The exploring generation

Furthermore the report said that the Gen-Z generation craves discovery of finding new things, ideas, music, podcasts and hobbies. This experience makes them feel good and they makes them believe that anyone anywhere has the power to break through the social media clutter and become influencers.

“The more relatable a person the more trust and influence he/she engenders, driving discovery and therefore happiness,” highlights the report.

Curious about politics and lifestyle

The research notes that this generation wants to be part of the political conversation and their seamless access to technology and all types of content empowers them to engage in a way no generation previously has.

“Podcasts that mix lifestyle and politics top the charts, a solid 66 percent of respondents said they expect brands to be part of a debate, prompt progressive values and to play a more meaningful role in society,” notes the report.

Value sound

Spotify identified that this generation was obsessed with their screens but also valued their audio as an escape from visual stimulation. The audio is not just there to serve as background noise, but plays an important role according to the study.

“50 percent of the study respondents said it plays a huge role in their everyday lives, it leaves a lasting impression,” concludes Spotify

To read the report in full, head here.

[Image –Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash]

Nokulunga Xala

Nokulunga Xala

Nokulunga is a tech journalist focused on the education space, with an interest in gadgets and podcasts. She also has an eye for all things fashion and beauty, is a big time foodie and loves fast cars.