If you have that one friend who is always on Twitter writing about the same movies, videogames, or sports, they have nothing on YouTuber jacksfilms who has been tweeting out the some variation of the phrase “Twitter for Android” every single day since late December 2018.

As jacksfilms – real name Jack Douglass – explained months ago the reason for this endeavour is simple: trolling.

On many versions of Twitter creating a post using one of the various apps or third party suits will create a small caption under the tweet explaining what software was used to make it. Because of the rivalry and fandom between iOS and Android users, it quickly became a way to identify, and sometimes mock, those whose tweets were “branded” by the “Twitter for Android” caption.

After Douglas saw so many people comment on this fact (he’s stated many times that he’s a fan of Samsung’s devices) he decided to lean into the bit and tweet the same thing every single day of 2019. Using screen capture software he would then attach his previously tweets as an image to the new tweet, creating a true monstrosity.

As you may have expected the combined compression of Twitter uploads and the screencaps have caused the original Tweet, and most others, to be lost. On any given day only a few dozen of the tweets can be seen.

As of today, 1st July 2019, the joke looks like this:

As you can see Douglass has been mixing things up of late. We’ve been following this beautiful train wreck since it’s started and the background (determined by the dark mode or regular look of Twitter) as well as the accompanying words have been changed up as time goes on.

Many have speculated that there’s some end goal here, aside from making it to the end of the year with a tweet for each day. The smart money says that it will be incorporated into a song, which Douglass is known for, but we’ll need to wait six more months before that bears any fruit.

If you find this all a bit pointless, you’re not wrong, but you must appreciate how far a man will go for spite and / or a silly joke. It’s also fun to see the ecosystem that has developed in the comment, all usually some take on replying with a similar comment each day.

If you’ve not watched any jacksfilms content in the past, this is very “on brand” of the creator. From being invited to the world premiere of The Emoji Movie to being unofficially added to Fortnite, Douglass has a true knack for absurdist, current year humour.

The last time we wrote about a year-long endeavour requiring daily creations it was when South African maker Tom Van den Bon made a new 3D print for every single day of 2017.