Makers of the QR payment app uKheshe have announced a new service that we are flabbergasted by.

That service is the uKheshe Health Benefits Card which is a medical aid that costs just R99 per month for one person.

The medical aid will cover private ground and air ambulances, private stabilisation and hospitalisation cover as a result of an accident or emergency.

“Affordable private healthcare has largely remained inaccessible to a large majority of South Africans. uKheshe Health is welcome relief for those in need of essential cover and previously had no choice but to rely on the overburdened public healthcare sector,” uKheshe co-founder, Clayton Hayward said in a statement.

“Almost 45 million South Africans require some form of healthcare from the State. While the country enjoys a world class private healthcare system, it is increasingly prohibitively expensive for low-income earners and their families, especially in the event of an accident or emergency. Now previously uncovered lives can access mainstream private healthcare at a fraction of the cost,” Hayward added.

The uKheshe Health Benefits Card has two levels – individual cover and family cover.

For individuals the R99 monthly fee gives you R25 000 trauma cover and R300 000 private hospital cover.

Families (main member, spouse and up to four direct children) pay a bit more – R249 per month and receive cover to the value of R25 000 for trauma cover and R300 000 for private hospital cover.

To sign up for the uKheshe Health Benefits Card and find out more about what the service has to offer head to the official website.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]