Okay, let’s go over some terms before we get to an ingenious custom controller created by YouTube channel Insert Controller Here

  • Rage quit / ragequit: To exit a game in anger, usually just before losing.
  • Salt / salty: A disproportionate amount of anger caused by something relatively minor in a game.

With those two terms in mind, Insert Controller Here has created a small project that allows a user to quickly rage quit out of a game by pouring actual table salt into a cup.

This cup contains water and two metal screws which are connected to an Arduino Micro. When salt is added to the water the resistance in the liquid changes, and the Arduino can detect this. When this happens a combination of button presses or key strokes is inputted into the game to end the match.

It’s a rather simple idea but it’s also a nice little jab at the culture of anger that has grown around gaming, especially in the competitive scenes.

At the end of the above video a second video is mentioned which shows off the build process. This can be found right here, and it’s a rather simple process as you may imagine.

The only real surprise in the build is that a plastic cup is used instead of a glass, which we assumed it was from the other video. Plastic is obviously much safer to drill into, so this is a better idea.

The only thing that seems to be missing here is the code to make everything work, but we assume anyone who is going to actually try replicate this project will know how to set that up.

While browsing this channel we also came across another unique controller in a Nerf Brainsaw modified to play Gears of War.

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