If you’ve been wondering what LG has been up to on the mobile side of things, you’re in luck as the firm has confirmed two new smartphones headed to South Africa in coming days – the LG Q60 and LG G8S ThinQ.

Both devices are aimed at the cost-savvy consumer and aim to offer good value for money.

So what are they packing, and how much will they cost locally?

Starting with the smaller and cheaper of the two, the Q60 ticks all the necessary boxes one has for a modern smartphone experience. A large 6.26″ FullHD+ display is up front with a screen notch at the top housing a 13MP camera. On the rear three lenses are at work, as LG has employed a 16MP primary, 2MP depth sensing and 5MP super wide-angle options here.

Internally 3GB of RAM is found, along with 64GB onboard storage, and a humble octa-core processor that clocks in at 2.0GHz. There’s also a relatively large 3 500mAh battery thrown in for good measure, with all of this costing a recommended R3 699 and available in the Moroccan Blue colour option.

Moving on to the larger offering is the G8S ThinQ, which was recently unveiled by the South Korean manufacturer and packs much of the flagship components of its brethren into a more affordable package.

To that end it has a 6.2″ FullHD+ OLED panel. It also has a similar camera setup to the G8, as an 8MP and Z (ToF) lens are found up front, with the rear catering to a trio of lenses – 13MP super-wide, 12MP standard and 12MP telephoto.

Internally LG hasn’t skimped either, with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage on offer. There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset handling the heavy lifting too for good measure, as well as a 3 550mAh battery.

The real talking point, however, is cost, with it set to retail locally from Vodacom for R11 999 exclusively in the Mirror Black colour option. With most flagship phones costing in excess of R18k these days, the new G8S ThinQ may prove a worthwhile alternative when it lands on 8th July.