Ever since Apple introduced the butterfly keyboard design to its MacBook offerings in 2015, they have proved troublesome, especially when it comes to devices malfunctioning due to lacklustre wear and tear.

With a new 16″ MacBook reportedly in the works, it’s being reported that Apple may ditch the butterfly keyboard design in favour of something that utilises glass fibre to reinforce the keys.

This according to 9to5Mac, with the website speaking to noted industry analyst Ming Chi-Kuo on the subject.

“We predict that the butterfly keyboard may finally disappear in the long term,” Kuo told the site. The analyst also adds that the new design will likely be a part of next year’s MacBook Air, and not the 16″ Pro that is said to be on the way later this year.

Following the 2020 MacBook Air, a new Pro model will also receive the new keyboard, according to Kuo.

Having been pretty much spot on with all predictions in the past, it’s more than likely that Kuo’s insight will not come to fruition. The larger question for us though, is whether these changes will improve thew longevity of MacBook notebooks, with their manufacturing quality slipping of late.

If Apple can manage that, hopefully the firm won’t need to send out notifications about issues post-launch any more.

To gain a bit more insight into the butterfly keyboard design, hit play on the video below. Oh, and also allow the soothing voice of now-departed Sir Jony Ive to wash over you.