While massive surround sound systems have their benefits, it’s generally agreed upon that nothing beats headsets for gaming, even if you’re not trying to hear enemy footsteps in a competitive match of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Headsets give you that surround experience for a fraction of the cost, they can provide high volumes without disturbing the neighbours, and they usually come with a microphone so you don’t need to set one up. HeadphonesLab.com has compiled a list of the absolute best devices for gaming in 2019, including both wired and wireless options.

One of our favourite gaming headsets in the last few years has been the Astro A20 wireless range which has versions for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can see the various versions, along with the Call of Duty camo skins, in the header image above.

If you’re unfamiliar with Astro, they are part of Logitech, so you are buying into a trusted, big name brand.

This device really typifies what makes a great gaming headset, with the first being right there in its name as this ditches cabling which may get in the way as play. A 5GHz connection and a base station hooked up to your gaming device of choice ensures that you’ll get a solid connection, and the 15 hours of battery life will serve even those dedicated users on Twitch and their 12 hours streams.

Once connected as you’d like the Astro A20 Wireless is a joy to pop on your head with its relatively low weight, cloth ear cushions and padded headband. When we tested this headset out we sat down for a four-hour session of Factorio, and we were comfortable the whole time. It’s not quite a 12 hour stream, but you can rest assured that you won’t be bugged by any discomfort here.

But all of the great connectivity and comfort in the world won’t mean much if this product isn’t a standout when it comes to audio, and here again it impresses. After some tuning to our liking (the Astro Command Centre software also helps here), gunfights in Battlefield were impactful without being overpowering, and we could still audio cues about enemy positions.

Moving over into the now classic Witcher 3, and its beautiful music was done justice here without clashing against the rest of the game’s sounds.

Those who prefer to talk rather than listen will be interested in the microphone which, thankfully, will deactivate itself when the boom is raised up. When talking you can be clear that your teammates will hear you… assuming they’re not using a bad headset which doesn’t do your voice justice.

Those not looking for crystal clear gunshots and explosions may instead want to consider the separate guide they’ve created for audiophile choices both in the high-end and the budget space.

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