Earlier this week the third season of Stranger Things landed on Netflix, and if you’ve already binge watched all the episodes, but still need your fix, there is a tie on for Fortnite you mat be interested in checking out.

The Fortnite x Stranger Things¬†crossover is now available in-game, and it’s serving up a couple of skins for gamers to use, as well as having several creepy-looking portals to The Upside Down also appearing.

As with any Fortnite crossover, access to that content is going to cost you.

More specifically if you’re wanting to use either of the two skins on offer currently – Chief Hopper or a Demogorgon – you’ll need to cough up 1 500 or 1 200 vbucks respectively. Those skins can also be traded for Epic items in-game. There’s also a “vines” weapon wrap on offer too, but it’s unclear at this stage how much more Fortnite has planned for the crossover event.

As such it remains to be seen if there will be any season three specific content in the works.

With Fortnite having done a good job of previous crossovers such as Avengers: Endgame and John Wick, this latest one should go down a treat with fans of the Stranger Things franchise.

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