While there are plenty of all-in-one workstations or workstation notebooks ready to be grabbed from a shelf, there is still good reason to build your own.

The beauty of building your own workstation is that you can dictate exactly what parts you want, which platform you prefer and even how much noise you want the thing to make when it’s operating at full tilt.

The heart of any PC is of course the motherboard. From here life is pumped to your CPU, GPU, RAM, storage drives, connecting them together to sing in unity.

The ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE is a new motherboard based on AMD’s X570 platform which has the AM4 socket which supports the latest AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors. In fact the socket can support AMD processors as far back 2nd Generation Ryzen processors.

The Pro WS X570-ACE also sports PCIe 4.0 not just at the PCIe slot but at the M.2 slot as well. That means that if your M.2 drive support PCIe 4.0 you can experience speeds of up to 64Gbps.

But what other features does the motherboard house?

Beside the AM4 socket you will find four DIMM slots that can house up to 64GB of DDR4 memory. The motherboard supports ECC (error-correcting code) memory which is a staple in workstations. ECC memory is able to detect and correct data corruption which is vital is workstations.

There are three PCIe 4.0 slots that support 2-way SLI and 3-way Crossfire which is great for anybody that intends on running three GPUs at once.

This is made possible by 24 PCIe lanes which can be split three ways in a x8/x8/x8 configuration for your AI training, rendering or scientific needs.

Something to note is that ASUS packages a 2-way VGA holder with the Pro WS X570-ACE. The holder provides additional rigid support for up to two high-end graphics cards to prevent bowing or bending.

As this is an ASUS motherboard you will have access to ASUS Control Center Express which allows for remote hardware reset, BIOS updating and operating system installation across multiple clients. This is of particular us if you intend to deploy multiple Pro WS X570-ACE based PCs.

For those that don’t want to fuss with tuning the PC too much, ASUS 5-Way Optimization takes care of tuning, overlocking, cooling and more with one click. One can even stress test the system to get a better idea of where your thermal and performance limits meet.

Speaking of cooling, the Pro WS X570-ACE sports an AIO liquid cooling setup atop the X570 chipset. The AIO includes a finned heatsink and custom Delta Superflo fan to keep the chipset cool. The cooling is validated for 60 000 hours plus so you shouldn’t ever need to maintain it during the motherboard’s life time.

The Pro WS X570-ACE is loaded with features. To find out more about how the Pro WS X570-ACE can become a part of your next PC build contact Engela Minnaar at Asus South Africa.

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