When Borderlands 3 was revealed in March there was a lot to be excited about, especially with the announcement that guns had seemingly evolved legs. Now you can have your own gun with legs in real life, and you don’t even need to shoot anyone for it.

Prolific maker Jon Cleaver is to thank for this project, a name you may know for his ingenious phone cases made to assist aiming in Pokémon Go.

“As soon as I saw the first trailer, I knew I wanted to make the gun with legs,” Cleaver tells us, “A big challenge is that it was only shown for about 3 seconds, from one angle. I played the short clip again and again, and began sketching, trying to imagine how the rest of the gun would look.”

That sketch was also helped along by fan art people had created which highlighted important features of the design. This was used as reference in the Creo Parametric CAD software where it was modelled at a miniature size.

From initial idea to sharing the files of the model, about a month had passed and six different versions of the print had been created with each subsequent iteration adding in more parts.

As the gun in the trailer is mostly grey that colour of filament was chosen when it came time to print in PLA. Unfortunately, as the painting process went on using the Citadel range of colours, the entire print was painted over. We suppose that was necessary here to get that unique Borderlands style.

At 20 centimetres tall this version took 12 hours to print and you can see Cleaver holding it for a sense of scale.

If you’d like to make your own gun with legs those files are available for free over on MyMiniFactory.

Those who prefer their Borderlands guns without legs, make sure to check out the Maliwan rifle we featured recently which also works as a repeating rubber band gun.

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