There’s no denying that the new Doom games have a fantastic art style, and when 2020 rolls around you’ll be able to appreciate it in book form thanks to Dark Horse.

The publisher will be releasing “The Art of DOOM: Eternal” – a hardcover 192 page affair.

Ahead of the 3rd March 2020 release the book is up for pre-order on the US Amazon store for $39.99. Those of us outside of the US don’t have to worry as Dark Horse’s content is usually distributed in most places that sell comics. We saw its previous effort, a similar treatment for Overwatch, in stores locally.

The Amazon description tells us more about what you can expect to see in the book, including locations like demon-infested Earth, UAC facilities and “otherworldly” territories. Those who are in to cosplay or 3D printing will be happy to know that there will be sections focused on the Doom Slayer’s Praetor suit and the vast array of guns he uses to cut down the forces of hell.

It’s a bit strange that this book will be coming at at this time as Doom Eternal itself is scheduled for a 22nd November 2019 release. While we’re sure lots of people will still be playing it months later, it would have been great if we could have bought this book closer to Christmas.

Those with money to burn on Doom merchandise may also want to consider the Collector’s Edition which doesn’t have an art book, but instead features a wearable helmet.

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