The University of Witwatersrand Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) in partnership with the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA) has launched its tenth edition ICT Skills Survey 2019 for ICT employers and practitioners.

According to Intelligent CIO, the aim is for the practitioners to participate in the survey for skills trends in South Africa. This is to gain a clear understanding of the ICT landscape in the country by identifying current skills priorities and gaps in the ICT sector, as well as to assist business leaders and policy makers to develop strategies for growing and retaining digital skills.

“Any strategy, either within a company or within the country, needs to be based on accurate data. Our skills survey provides such data and should be a very useful resource to anyone thinking about ICT skills in relation to strategic intention,” said director of JCSE, Professor Barry Dwolatzky.

The publication reports that the 2019 survey has invited these practitioners to participate, whether they have obtained their skills formally or on the job, work, home or in a corporate environment, and irrespective of their role or position.

“The availability of appropriate skills is a critical factor in the development and growth of the ICT sector, therefore we believe it is important to carry out regular assessments of the skills landscape, to help us shape future public and private sector skills development and education programmes,” added CEO of IITPSA, Tom Perry.

Interested participants can find the survey online. The closing date is 7th August.

[Source – Intelligent CIO] [Image – Carlos Muza on Unsplash]