Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is offering up unique DLC in the form of the Green Army Men Beach Party which allows players to take control of plastic soldiers in miniature firefights across tiny maps.

You may be having a bit of déjà vu at this point as this game did roll out a similar event back in December of last year. The similarly named Green Army Men Christmas Special took the same idea and unleashed your toy war on a festive family lounge.

That lounge map returns along with three others you can see in the trailer embedded below: a beach, a pool and a backyard.

This DLC should be launching later today and will be free for owners of the game, though they will only be able to play as the Rifleman class. Buying the DLC will grant access to the rest of the classes as well as providing funding to the people who created the Green Army Men mod for the game.

The page to buy the DLC is available to browse on Steam, but it’s not available to buy or pre-order right now so we’re not sure how much it will cost.

Those who have tried the new content early comment that there’s quite a few changes aside from the player characters being swapped out to both green and blue toy soldiers. For example, on that pool level, you can now have a skirmish under water as one of the control points is located on the pool’s floor and the bubbles coming out of a drain can be used as a jump pad.

If you want to give Rising Storm 2: Vietnam a try, it’s discounted by 67% in the last hours of the Steam Summer Sale 2019. It’s got a “Very Positive” review standing in both the recent and all reviews categories from almost 20K players.

Those not wanting to spend any money will also be happy to know that the full game will be free to play for a week following the release of the DLC later today.

[Via – PC Gamer]