Just last week Destiny 2 players who own the Annual Pass were able to pick up Lumina, a new Exotic hand cannon the likes of which had never been seen before in Destiny.

While we’re still trying to complete the quest for that weapon Bungie dropped an update to the game yesterday that leads players to an old favourite – Bad Juju.

To obtain the weapon you will need the Annual Pass for Destiny 2 Forsaken.

If you have that head to Nessus and make your way to the Emperor’s Barge and you should spot a chest next to Werner. Pay a 5 000 Glimmer tribute and you will get the first quest step which requires you visit the Tribute Hall (this can be found from the Nessus map in the same location as the Leviathan raid and Menagerie).

Once in the Tribute Hall, chat to the Visage of Calus which will require you to complete a Tribute Hall bounty. Pick one to do, they are relatively easy and you’ll complete one sooner than you think.

Once you have completed one bounty the Tribute Hall opens up and you can begin placing tributes.

Two ways to get tributes

Tributes can be purchased from the Visage of Calus for planet materials (gathered from Earth, Io, Titan and Nessus) and Glimmer. Tributes can also be earned by completing certain activities using Leviathan themed gear and weapons.

This Leviathan gear and weaponry includes rewards from the Leviathan raid, raid lairs as well as the Menagerie.

As for buying tributes, they are expensive but luckily there is a way to get a discount.

Completing the bounties offered by the Visage of Calus earn you a Boon of Opulence which discounts the price of tributes by one percent. The maximum discount you can get is 80 percent.

The trouble is that you can only claim four Boons per day which means to get to that 80 percent discount you will need to complete all of the daily bounties for 20 days.

If like us you are short on Glimmer and planet materials because infusing gear is still painfully expensive, then Spider in the Tangled Shore is your best bet.

You will need to place a total of 18 tributes in the Tribute Hall to unlock the next step of the quest. Every few tributes you will be given a War Beast tribute which is placed in the very centre of the Tribute Hall.

Placing all five of these tributes (you unlock these as part of the Golden Hero quest) will unlock the Pest Control quest.

This will unlock an Ascendant Portal above the chest in the centre of the room, step into it and you will start a mission.

You can do the mission alone and there is a triumph that can be earned for completing it alone and without dying. There is no time limit to the mission and you can die without consequence though so don’t feel too pressured to do it solo and flawless.

Once the mission is complete you can head back to the chest in the Tribute Hall and claim Bad Juju.

The Catalyst

The Catalyst for Bad Juju can be found at the Visage of Calus but you will need to place 45 tributes in order to claim it.

The Catalyst simply extends the gun’s intrinsic perk String of Curses.

String of Curses grants increased damage on kills and refills your magazine from thin air. In addition to infinite ammo, String of Curses also grants Super energy based on how many stacks there are of it up to a maximum of five.

The Tribute Hall is not going anywhere just yet so feel free to do this quest at your own pace.

If you’re curious to see how the weapon performs you can check out the video from Aztecross Gaming below which details damage numbers in both PvP and PvE.