At WWDC 19 earlier this year, a team from Mojang showcased their latest developments for Minecraft Earth, noting that a beta for the “real-world” augmented reality version of the popular title would be landing in the Summer (Stateside).

Now a new trailer for Minecraft Earth confirms that said closed beta will be available for select iOS users later this month, although a precise date is not mentioned by the developer on its blog.

“If you’re really lucky, it could happen in the next two weeks​! That’s right, a limited number of players in a few select cities will be able to Minecraft their world before summer is over,” explained the blog post.

Should you be interested in being one of those first iOS users to play the game, there are quite a few hoops to jump through.

You’ll need to sign up, although that isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get access. The sign up process necessitates either a Microsoft or Xbox Live account to receive updates too. You’ll also need to have an iOS device that’s compatible, namely sporting iOS 10 or higher.

For now there’s no word about when Android users will get their turn on the closed beta, but like their iOS kin, signing up is a requirement, along with a phone running Android 7.0 Nougat or better.

How long the beta will last for is unclear, but hopefully it offers up enough time for Mojang to get feedback from users, as well as see what the appetite for the AR title is like. With Pokémon Go leading the way as far as AR mobile titles go, it should be interesting to see if Minecraft Earth can prove as popular and have more longevity.