While full size 3D prints of the famous Keyblade are common nowadays, today we have something much more interesting and intricate in a faithful recreation of the Ultima Weapon as seen in Kingdom Hearts 3.

MyMiniFactory user Silk burrito is the maker behind this project, and they were kind enough to speak to us about how this project came to be.

The Ultima Weapon started life in Fusion 360 where screenshots from the game on PlayStation 4 were used for reference.

As expected with something this complex, replicating it for printing was no small feat with this modelling stage taking up a full month of work before it was ready.

With that finally done it was time for printing, with that similarly taking up a huge amount of time – around 192 hours of it.

Assembly required more than just glue as the lengthy print may break when carried by the handle. Because of this the model has holes throughout to incorporate support beams. While these kinds of projects usually use wooden dowels, this one has these steel rods instead.

If you’re doubting that this print would need such support, once assembled it measures in at four feet seven inches, or 139.7 centimetres for the rest of us.

For finishing work wood filler was applied to cover up print lines, which was then sanded down over a couple of weeks. Filler primer followed this before even more sanding, and then painting could finally begin.

Rust-Oleum paints were used for the majority of the project here, save for the metallic blade sections. These were instead covered in aluminium tape and brought to a shine with fine steel wool.

If the size and complexity here isn’t too intimating, you can make your own Ultima Weapon with the files available for free over on MyMiniFactory.

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