When Donald Trump announced his plans to create a Space Force, many laughed off the idea as being ludicrous, mainly as the US president spoke primarily about space travel and colonisation.

The creation of a Space Force, however, has a lot more merit than simply planting your country’s flag on a new planet, with satellites being one such area.

With the Earth’s orbit being further cluttered each day with new satellites, many of which are used to beam down specific services or forming part of a larger system, securing these objects in space makes a lot of sense.

To that end France is the latest country to announce their own Space Force of sorts, with its primary goal to defend the French satellites currently in orbit.

French president Emmanuel Macron explained the country’s plans at a pre-Bastille Day speech to a group of assembled military personnel.

“To give substance to this doctrine and ensure the development and reinforcement of our space capabilities, a space command will be created next September in the air force,” said Macron. Adding that the project would later become the Space and Air Force.

Plans for the Space and Air Force are slated to begin in September next year, but the scale of the investment is yet to be determined. Currently the French government has set €3.6 billion for investments, according to Reuters, but it’s unclear if the Space Force would receive additional funding.

As such it remains to be seen how France plans to implement such a defensive system for their satellites.

With the United States and France now looking to space, it should be interesting to see if other nations have similar ambitions.

[Image – Photo by NASA on Unsplash]