It is safe to say that the iPhone design has proved a little more divisive in recent years, with it failing to win over as many fans as it once did. If Apple did have to give the iPhone a major rethink, especially now that the iconic Sir Jony Ive has left, perhaps it should look to its past for a little inspiration?

That’s what creator Future Punk did, creating retro Mac-inspired designs for the iPhone, and even uploading suitably nostalgic-looking commercials to showcase the creations.

Future Punk used two notable devices to render his 3D offerings, with the original Macintosh and iMac G3 (which Ive was responsible for) serving as muses. We’re rather smitten with the latter, especially with the transparent shell and “Bondi Blue” colour option harking back to Apple’s revival under Jobs and Ive.

Sadly neither of these “iPhones” actually exist in the real-world, but thankfully Future Punk has made the 3D model designs for each available to purchase (Blender files) for $10 a piece. Any savvy 3D print enthusiast out there could then print the designs, and potentially with some Arduino tinkering, bring them to life.

Whether the retro iPhone creations could make and take calls is another problem altogether.

If you don’t have a 3D printer on-hand, enjoy the commercials below.