Late last week, the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Blade Nzimande, announced during his budget vote speech that the National Plan for Post-School Education and Training (NPPSET) has been completed.

According to SA News, the NPPSET is a consolidated roadmap for a more integrated, transformed, articulated and effective post-school system. It will be released to give practical planning effect to the policy goals and objectives of the post-school system, although a release date has not been confirmed.

“We aim to ensure that within the next 10 years there is no district municipality that will not have access to a post school training institution. This in my view would be a major development in the struggle to overcome the spatial legacies of under-development inherited from the apartheid and colonial system,” explained Nzimande.

The Minister added that a Task team on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) established by the Department’s former head would provide critical policy advice on how theNPPSET system should respond to opportunities and challenges presented by 4IR.

“Its output will also be a crucial input into the work of the Presidential Commission of the 4IR presided over by President Ramaphosa,” said Nzimande.

SA News adds that on the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) landscape, the Minister announced that the new SETA project will be implemented from 1st April 2020, with the aim to strengthen, realign and repurpose the SETA system.

“The recently launched Centre of Specialisation (CoS) pilot is being prioritized for the training of 780 youth in artisan skills and will assist 26 Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college campus to improve their capacity to develop artisans with industry partners in 13 priority trades,” concluded Nzimande.

[Source – SA News] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]