To make your game stand out nowadays you need a great hook or gimmick to compliment your gameplay, and Kingdoms of the Dump has this in spades by presenting a world based entirely on trash.

Yes, you read that right. The main character here is Dustin Binsly, a knight who is literally a walking, sword swinging rubbish bin on a mission to rescue a kidnapped king in the Lands of Fill.

Joining Binsly is Musk (a stink bug), Lute (you guessed it, a Lute), Ratavia (a rat), Walker Jacket (again, just a jacket) and Cerulean (who we assume is a washcloth).

This group makes up the majority of the RPG classes you’d expect. Binsly is the standard sword and shield knight, Lute is the bard, Ratavia is the rogue and so on.

You can see snippets of each member of this merry band in a character trailer uploaded back in May.

Cute setting and characters aside, Kingdoms of the Dump is heavily based on JRPGs of yesteryear. There is an overworld which contains platforming, and fights which take place in a tile- and turn-based banner.

To compliment all of this there’s some great pixel art on display. It’s not as enticing as the key art used throughout (such as the characters in the header image above) but it does have its charm and is appropriate for the time period of games this is trying to ape.

If, at this point, you’re ready to jump into this game and go full Danny DeVito, it’s worth noting that Kingdoms of the Dump is being Kickstarted.

Its campaign went live a few hours ago with a modest $60K goal that is already a quarter fulfilled at the time of writing.

The cheapest tier that gets you the game is $15 which secures you a copy for PC, Linux and Mac. The game is slated to released in October of 2022, and every tier also gets your name in the credits.

As always, pledging more money gets you more digital goods like the soundtrack and a PDF of the artwork and maps.

The expensive tiers also have some enticing offers like $100 for a physical collector’s edition in a recreated SNES box. Putting in even more money grants access to early builds of the game $5K buys you the opportunity to go and pick up trash with the developers in New Jersey, though you will need to pay for your own travel costs.

As always we recommend spending only what you’re comfortable with completely losing. Sometimes crowdfunding doesn’t deliver or the final product is far from what is shown in the campaign.

Give the Kingdoms of the Dump page a read over to see if it’s something you’d like to gamble some money on.