When the of tax season kicked off on 1st July earlier this month, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) had a few glitches concerning their eFiling system, which were later addressed.

Now the revenue service has reported that it has seen an increase of 5 percent in the uptake of the eFiling system since the beginning of the tax season on the 1st July.

According to IT Web, SARS explained that it has received over 456 000 more personal income tax returns via eFiling compared to last year, with more than 36 600 submissions via tax collector’s mobile app.

“SARS is aware that some taxpayers are experiencing challenges with the payment of refunds, and the inspection, verification or audit process. SARS apologises for the inconvenience caused,” the company noted said in a statement.

IT Web adds that SARS has made effort to encourage taxpayers to file their income tax returns via digital channels, and as a result, the entity has put in place WiFi at its branches to assist taxpayers in using eFiling or the mobile app.

Regarding refunds for the current year, SARS notes that a number of items have to be in place first. To that end if the taxpayer has no other debt due, all obligations have been met, administrative control processes are adhered to and no inspection, verification or audit is required or has been initiated, the revenue service will try to pay the current filing periods refund.

This applies for refunds above R100, with it taking an estimated seven business days to finalise the assessment.

[Source – IT Web]