The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to explode, well, just as soon as that mess called 5G can be resolved to cope with all that cellular traffic.

In the meantime however we’ve seen myriad IoT solutions for business purposes and now, Vodacom is bringing that tech to regular folks at home.

V by Vodacom is an IoT service that boasts a range of products designed to keep your home, kids and pets safe.

“The risks to the safety and security of our homes and family members are something we all worry about daily and want to ensure that with V by Vodacom, South Africa‚Äôs leading mobile network operator is able to empower customers to keep track of the things they love. In this way, Vodacom remains committed to transforming the lives of all citizens via the application of new and innovative technologies,” head of consumer IoT at Vodacom, Saloshni Muthal said in a media statement.

There are at present four V by Vodacom solutions:

  • V-Home Safety starter kit – includes a sensor, siren, HD camera and mobile WiFi hub
  • V-Pet Tracker – a small device you can attach to your pets collar to track them
  • V-Kids Watch – a wearable that can be used to track your child
  • V-Bag tracker – a GPS tracker that can attached to your bag

All of the solutions above include the V-Sim which will allow them to be monitored or controlled. Speaking of which, Vodacom has launched the V by Vodafone app that will let you control your new gadgets.

Unfortunately, Vodacom does include pricing for its V by Vodacom solutions with the website simply telling visitors that the offers are available in-store.

There also appears to be one more, very important problem – you seemingly must be a Vodacom customer to make use of this tech.

“Simple and easy payment methods which include a monthly subscription fee which is added to the monthly bill of existing Vodacom post-paid customers and is deducted from the airtime wallet from existing Vodacom prepaid customers. Non-Vodacom customers will be able to use their credit for subscription payments in the near future,” reads a press release sent to Hypertext.

How long non-Vodacom customers will have to wait to make use of this tech remains to be seen. We are however curious to see how other networks respond to Vodacom’s gambit.

UPDATE 17/07

Vodacom has told Hypertext that credit card payment options for non-Vodacom subscribers will be available from 7th August. The network operator also said that it is in the process of adding pricing to its website.