If you’ve been following the British automotive scene, you likely know that Lotus is now under the control of Chinese carmaker Geely, with the latter aiming to have Lotus cars being built in China within the next three years. While we’re some time off from that happening, the first car made under the Geely banner has been unveiled, and it’s a doozy – the Lotus Evija.

Apart from looking painfully beautiful and undoubtedly futuristic, the Lotus Evija is also an all-electric offering, with the company also christening it Britain’s first all-electric hypercar.

So what are its hypercar credentials?

Firstly it’s a limited edition vehicle, with 130 reportedly being made and each costing close to $1.86 million, which means you’re going to have to dig deep into those couch cushions to find some extra cash.

It’s also packing a staggering 1 470kW of power thanks to four electric motors each delivering to a single wheel. Naturally it’s quick then, especially as it’s the world’s most powerful production car according to Lotus, and features a top speed in excess of 320km/h.

It can also reach 0 to 60mph (96km/h) in under three seconds, but Lotus sadly has not noted what the official 0-100km/h time is. In terms of driving range, the carmaker says the Evija can manage 402 kilometres before needed a recharge, with the latter taking just 12 minutes in order to reach 80 percent capacity.

The carmaker adds that 800kW charging is on the way, which would bring that time down to just nine minutes.

The Lotus Evija then ticks all the boxes of a hypercar. There’s no precise release date for the car at the moment, but those wanting to own one can register their interest on the Evija landing page.

If you don’t have the dosh to buy one, enjoy the video below instead.