At the beginning of each year, the go-to tech event is CES in Las Vegas. This year’s Consumer Electronics Showcase did not go as smoothly as planned, with a sext tech product causing a bit of an incident at the week-long expo.

More specifically the Ose “blended orgasm” machine had its Innovation Award pulled and then later reinstated. In a bid to ensure a similar scenario does not play out at CES 2020, organisers have confirmed that sex tech products will be allowed at next year’s event on a trial basis.

According to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), sex tech products will be permitted onto the expo floor as part of the the Health and Wellness category, as well as being allowed to showcase at the Health and Wellness Startup area of CES 2020.

The CTA also confirmed that this latest development will be a one year trial at first, so it remains to be seen if sex tech will be allowed to feature at future CES events. Furthermore the organisers will not be allowing exhibitors to have employees at their stands in sexually revealing clothing, with the same going for any pornographic material being shown.

As Engadget points out, CES’ history when it comes to sex has proved interesting at best, and current sex tech-related exhibitors are already made to jump through several logistical hoops in order to be at the event.

As such CES’ decision for 2021 may come down to how much admin is involved for exhibitors.

[Image – Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash]
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