Earlier this year, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) reported a rise in the unemployment rate in the first quarter to 27.6 percent.

In a bid to combat unemployment, President Cyril Ramaphosa, said that government will continue to pursue investment which was initially announced last year. The funding will then be directed to programmes that will create jobs, he explained during his Presidency budget vote earlier this week.

SA News reports that government will be increasing its focus into more urgent matters like local economic development so that various spheres and developments of the State can account for how they are jointly creating jobs and addressing service delivery for people at local level.

“The presidency will continue to lead the national drive and meet our goal of raising R1.3 trillion in the next five years. By focusing on specific sectors, this money should be directed to programmes that are viable and can create jobs,” explained Ramaphosa.

Furthermore SA News adds that in promoting youth employment in a focused manner, government will bring the weight of the Presidency behind the efforts of national and provincial departments, local government as well as business.

“We have a coordinated plan that will be rolled out across government and with private sector partnerships. It is holistic because it incorporates the provision of workplace opportunities, the SETAs as well as the job fund,” he added.

“It is inclusive because it involves working with our institutions of higher learning such as our TVETs, universities and colleges, and this by necessity includes a prioritisation of critical skills training,” concluded the President.

[Source – SA News] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]