To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing (Apollo 11 was successful on 20th July 1969) Steam it doing its part to keep the dreams of going to space alive with a selection of games based on this theme.

The Steam Exploration Sale is now on and happening throughout the weekend. It’s not just simulation games on offer, however, as anything even remotely related to or set in space is included here.

We’re rounded up 10 of the titles we think you should check out below, either because they’re good on their own, or their discount is especially important. Well, with one or two exceptions.

Aliens: Colonial Marines and Spore are infamous for being duds, but we threw them in here so that you can experience them yourself to confirm if they are really that bad. It’s like your own moon mission, only with dodgy software. The fact that they’re selling for so cheap also takes the sting out of it if they do turn out as disappointments for you.

Not included in that list is the venerable Moonbase Alpha, which you can see in the header image above and is famous for its text-to-speech chat being used to make music. It’s not listed there because it’s free, so give it a download and spam John Madden as much as you like.

Make sure to poke around the rest of the sale to find a space game that suits you this weekend.