When it comes to the world of headphones, wireless options appear to be more prevalent for the peripherals, especially when it comes to pairing with smartphones. The same rings true for gaming headsets, as wireless Bluetooth-aided options are commonplace these days.

We mention this as the controller for Google Stadia, the firm’s upcoming game streaming service, does not support Bluetooth headsets, which is a bit of an oddity.

The report comes via 9to5Google, with it citing a Reddit AMA with Stadia product director Andrey Doronichev. In it the product director explains that Stadia users should plug in their headphones or headsets via the 3.5mm jack located on the controller should they wish to listen to audio discreetly.

There is, however, a work around with Doronichev noting that Pixel phone users or those streaming Stadia titles via a Chrome browser won’t have to worry about this issue. He also adds that Pixel phones will be the only mobile devices to support Bluetooth functionality at launch, along with PCs or notebooks running Chrome.

The reason why Bluetooth headsets are not fully or easily supported is the fact that much of Google Stadia’s functionality is WiFi dependent, according to Doronichev.

While this lack of functionality will not be a deal breaker for many, given how Google Stadia is looking to push the envelope for the gaming industry, not having Bluetooth support feels like a missed opportunity.

For now, Doronichev has not confirmed when full support will arrive for the controller, but it is slated to be available at some point after launch. In the interim you may have to invest in an adapter.