As with most hobbies LEGO has a large YouTube community with many channels dedicated to a variety of things outside of just news and reviews, and one of them has decided to take their bricks underwater.

That channel is the appropriately named Brick Experiment Channel which has garnered attention outside of the LEGO community for its variety of videos involving the Technic line of pieces, pushing the toy pieces as far as they’ll go until they fail, and then trying to compensate for that, usually with a lot of gears.

For this new video the aim was to make a submarine but, due to the fact that LEGO is not at all watertight, it is aided by a few other household items.

A water jug is the main body of the RC submarine here and a medical syringe is used to take on and expel water to act as additional ballast in conjunction with pieces of metal.

To make this all resistant to water getting into the electronics, a combination of Teflon tape, O-rings and hot glue shore things up. As you’ll see later in the video the tape is used to a rather excessive, but necessary, amount once the submarine is tested in open waters.

As for the LEGO components they are used to actually move the project around. A motorised piston moves the ballast syringe, and another motor powers the pair of propellers used for movement.

An official LEGO battery box powers everything, but the RC components from a traditional submarine toy have been gutted and incorporated here. LEGO does sell components for creating similar things, but its signal works over infrared, which would not have been ideal here.

Obviously this is more of a “let’s see if it’s possible” kind of project as no one is suggesting that LEGO makes an official submarine set in the future. Taking a traditional idea and seeing if it’s possible to replicate with bricks is a lot of fun, and it’s exactly what we did with this Nintendo Switch case / stand a while back.

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