Even if you’re not a professional video editor or someone who works with multimedia all the time, there’s always going to be that crucial moment where the video format you have on-hand just isn’t the right one you can play.

Whether you are are in a classroom trying to give a presentation, in a boardroom leading a meeting or simply at home trying to enjoy a piece of content, we have all had to rush to Google to find that odd file type and how we can convert to something easier to play or work with.

(4K HEVC) MKV is one of those formats, especially on Windows. While some online and downloadable programmes do offer conversions to more common types such as MP4, they usually come with a high price or a high compression ruining the integrity of whatever you want to watch.

Thankfully there is a solution in the market of MKV to MP4 converters in the form of the WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. This software does just about everything you could ask for when it comes to video, but starting with converting to other formats and it can take those pesky MKV files, or any of the other two hundred or so support file types, and output them into any other type of your choice.

This process is fast and painless thanks to hardware acceleration, and it strikes a good balance between output quality, compression, and the time it takes to make the change to a new format.

But there’s more on offer after that. Is your new file a bit too long at the beginning or end? Simply use the trim tool to cut those parts out. Want to make video but all you have are images? Combine them together into a slideshow video which you can then share around and, of course, it can be output into any file type you’d like.

With the option to then add subtitles to your videos, there is a lot on offer here aside from getting that irritating incorrect file to work on whatever device you want.

You can give the software a try for free right here to see how much it can do.

On top of all of this, a contest is currently underway with the grand prize being a 4K TV from Samsung. Only one person will walk away with this price, but there’s lots on offer for those who don’t nab top spot.

Three Nvidia Shield TVs and six 4TB Western Digital external hard drives are also up for grabs. Along with all of this, licences for the WinX HD Video Converter are also available as prizes.

Head on over to the contest page and drop in your details to get entered. You have until 5th August to do so.

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