FaceApp is the, well, the app that everyone seems to be using as of late thanks to its ability to apply a filter which simulates what you may look like once you’re much older.

While the software offers many other filters – such as ones which add facial hair or glasses – a new addition to the free version of the app is what’s on offer today.

Dubbed simply “cool old”, this takes the aging filter which made the app popular and mixes it up a bit.

It’s a bit different for each person, but it seems to be a bit kinder at guessing what we’ll look like in a few decades.

For men the hair change is more “silver fox” than “grey grandpa”, and you get a cool beard with definite sailor / pirate / hipster vibes.

For women the change is a bit more subtle with the face of the skin being slightly less wrinkly. It also appears to apply some makeup at parts of the face.

As this addition is included in the free version of the app (there’s a paid for, “Pro” option available too with more filters) we suggest giving it a go yourself. That being said, we’ve included a few pictures down below to show what it looks like.

Remember to only download FaceApp from the official Google Play Store or the Apple App Store as fake versions of it have been floating around containing malicious software.


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