Later this year, 16th and 17th October to be more precise, the third annual SinglarityU South Africa Summit will be taking place in Johannesburg. Ahead of the highly anticipated event, SingularityU has announced the launch of a new media app.

The new media app, which is housed within the existing SingularityU South Africa mobile app, is designed to offer easier access to editorial content for the journalists and other media set to attend the two-day long event.

“With increased attention being placed on Singularity‚Äôs various corporate education initiatives and faculty members by media, the intention is to ensure that journalists always have the latest content available at their fingertips, without the delays of manual requests,” organisers explained in a press release sent to Hypertext.

“Media have access to both the same content that programme delegates have, as well as their own tailored media stream,” they add.

Within the media stream, journalists can obtain speaker announcement videos, event photographs, PR photographs, articles, press releases, speaker biographies and more, with real-time updates, according to SingularityU South Africa.

Having attended SingularityU in the past, and given how busy the event has become, having access to a tool like this should prove quite handy for media, and offers an experience akin to that of the Mobile World Congress app available at MWC each year.

“While we focus on future proofing Africa, and providing a platform to share how technologies can solve the various global challenges, it only felt fitting that we innovate in the way that the media access our materials, by making it as easy and convenient as possible,” adds Mic Mann, co-CEO of SingularityU South Africa.

As in previous years, the focus for the SingularityU South Africa Summit is to look at ways of future proofing the country. If that sounds interesting to you, tickets are currently on sale here.