In July Steam has continued its recent bit of transparency with its monthly updates around what was popular on the platform back in June.

The “Top Releases of June 2019” post reveals that about half of the “top releases” come from developers releasing their first title on Steam. What the post describes as a top release is the top 20 games by revenue earned in the two weeks after their launch.

This isn’t to say that these games are out earning behemoths like Grand Theft Auto V and CS:GO, but it does mean that they made the most money among new games being released.

The post goes on to try to explain the success of some of the titles. Pro Cycling Manager 2019, for example, released around the time of the Tour De France which may have contributed to its success.

The list of the 20 games was provided in order of release date, but we’ve pasted them down below in alphabetical order for easier reading. You can also read the list on a dedicated store page.

While money earned by way of purchases is an easy way to gauge the amount of interest in new games, it isn’t very helpful for free to play titles.

As such Steam has addressed that too, providing a list of the top five games in this genre. These were instead chosen by peak player count, also in the two weeks after their release.

It seems that list this is instead provided in a ranked order, so we won’t change it from that. As expected, Dota Underlords is the top dog:

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