LEGO has worked with countless IPs and companies over the years, translating those various partners into retail sets and other brick-themed projects. One organisation that it has a surprisingly long history with is NASA.

The latter of the two recently released a comprehensive timeline showing this off, which you can view in full right here.

The partnership, which started in the 90’s, is of course being highlighted now because of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission landing on the moon in 1969.

The collaboration started with the two in the FIRST Robotics Competition, which is an event still going on today.

Using LEGO as a tool to get kids into STEM / STEAM is a recurring theme on the timeline, with the toy used as a teaching tool to create the next generation of NASA staff.

Our favourite part of this timeline is when three LEGO minifigures were sent into space on the Juno spacecraft. These three represented the Roman gods Jupiter and Juno, as well as one for Galileo.

The timeline stops, as expected, in the current year 2019 with the various sets on offer (explained below) and the public outreach that the two engage in, one of them being 1:1 scale sculptures like the one you see the header image (shown above). Yes that is a brick-built spacesuit and not a very pixelated image.

Again, we suggest giving the full timeline a read when you have a chance.

If all of this has you hyped to build some NASA-theme LEGO sets, there are a few on shelves right now ranging from “decently priced” to “I many need to take out a loan”. Our favourite is, of course, the most expensive one which is a recreation of Apollo Saturn V. Aside from being an amazing set, it is also made up of exactly 1 961 piece.

Here’s links to each of the sets on the fan-run Brickset database, which has a variety of pictures and worldwide pricing to consider. We’ve arranged it by pricing, starting with the cheapest set:

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